Valerie Coleman Morris
Photography by
Barbara Meier Photography, Alamo, CA

My first money memory was at the age of 8. I tried to use an English shilling to buy a 25-cent soda from a vending machine in north Philadelphia. My cousins doubled over pointing and laughing at me. I was an Air Force kid. Every few years I visited Philly with my parents and younger brother from whatever overseas assignment my Dad had just completed. I lived in England, France, Scotland and Japan by the time I was a junior in high school. Early day-to-day money references for me were in pounds, shillings, francs and military paper currency called script. I wasn’t as familiar with these things called dimes, quarters and dollars. When my cousins finally regained their composure, they showed me the difference between the two coins. It was a mistake I never made again.

I believe the value of money is best learned early in life because money is the first and often the most lasting lesson about becoming self-reliant. That’s why mind over money – matters. It’s Your Money So Take It Personally®.  

As Business Anchor for CNN domestic and international, I talked about personal money management every day to more than 290 million households, businesses and airport networks. Now I can have one-on-one conversations with you and your family about money basics for financial self-reliance. I get what keeps you up at night. Let me give you the basic mental footprints/mindset to reduce your money fears and intimidation.