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I firmly believe that it’s never too late – and certainly never too early – to develop a successful financial life. I suggest teaching financial literacy from early childhood in the spirit of “give a person a fish she/he will eat for a day; teach them how to fish and they’ll eat forever”.

With the Family in Mind – Money Matters is somewhat like books on tape. I talk to you about:

  • ways to re-evaluate your relationship with your personal money and build solid financial habits
  • the mindset needed to successfully grow your money
  • why sustainable wealth building requires educating the next generation
  • why inquiring parents want to know how they can start banking on their child’s future by jumpstarting them to thinking money smart
  • how to adjust to a lifestyle you never thought would happen
  • family economics derailed by divorce or widowhood

I often describe these 90-second to two minute radio features as “the first step on the financial education food chain”. They are committed to helping each member of your family become better financially educated. I look at money as a family affair through a three generation lens where cooperative economics (family finances) must be taught and practiced; multiple goals and needs met; and good money habits put in place and used consistently.

My message to you is positive and hopeful. It outlines specific suggestions regarding how you and your family can create a secure financial future based on making informed decisions today. In doing so, you’ll become a producer of wealth rather than a consumer of debt.