My comfort zone is being the conductor in the midst of your corporate symphony.

I bring a level of authority to facilitating your corporate meetings that comes from decades of keen observation and continual learning about the complexities and confidentialities of privileged meeting environments. In my four decades in television reporting and anchoring, I’ve lived through half a dozen recessions, several major financial bubbles, and nine presidents. I know what it feels like – personally and professionally – to be at the epicenter of change and history in the making.

Speaking is my business. For more than a dozen years I was in 290 million households, businesses and airport networks around the world as a business anchor for CNN Domestic and CNN International. Keeping your corporate meeting on time, comfortably moderated and dynamically moving through your event or agenda is my forte since being on time every time has been my job in the anchor chair for decades.


  • a one-on-one interview with Jack Welch during the ING Global Partners Meeting
  • moderating a plenary session in Cairo, Egypt for the Global Summit of Women
  • facilitating a multi-day event for the top partners of Pricewaterhousecoopers in Barcelona, Spain or the company’s European group outside Lisbon, Portugal
  • in the U.S. moderating a panel at the Governors’ Conferences for Women
  • or serving as Mistress of Ceremonies for the 150th Anniversary Presidential Gala at my alma mater San Jose State University

Any of Valerie’s presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your group. If you are interested in having Valerie Coleman Morris speak at your event, please send us an e-mail.